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Catalytic Converter Alarm (1 PACK)

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Catalytic Converter Alarm Main Features:

  • LOUD ALARM 113dB vibration alarm to scare away thieves effectively
  • EASY TO INSTALL Do it yourself or have your mechanic or one of our local installers help you.
  • EASY TO USE Simply remove the battery tab to activate alarm with the click of one button on the remote control. Mount alarm directly to exhaust pipe (section leaving the catalytic converter) or use magnets or sticky pads and attach mount under vehicle. See video for more details.
  • WATERPROOF Suitable for outdoor use when it's raining.
  • DURABLE Built to withstand tough environments.

Fast Guard Alarms Offers:

  • 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE If you are not 100% satisfied with our product you may return it for a full refund. Refund Policy
  • REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE Feel free to call, email or text us for any help!


  1. One vibration alarm (runes on 3 AAA batteries)
  2. One remote control
  3. One self-adhesive heat blocking pad (to be placed on the back of the alarm)
  4. One screwdriver - Use for opening alarm case and changing the batteries
  5. Two theft-deterrent window stickers
  6. One pry tool - Use to help open up the alarm case
  7. Two stainless steel self-locking mounting straps
  8. Two zip ties (for when you want to attach the alarm other than on the exhaust system)


Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
So far so good

After 2 cats being stolen in under a year, I purchased this alarm. A couple mechanics recommended an alarm over any shield or cage because they had seen them cut off. It was easy to install if you feel comfortable to jack your car up. It triggers immediately with the first pump of a car jack with a loud single beep (with the alarm to follow a few seconds later). I originally wished it would immediately go into the full alarm instead of the warning beep. However, after using this for several weeks, I'm so glad it does not. This has given me the extra few seconds to hit the disarm button once I either open or close the car door but have forgotten to turn the alarm off. With a key fob that unlocks my car when I approach, it is very easy to forget to to turn the alarm off before you get to the car. I have yet to set the full alarm off myself but I have a very small purse so I find the keys very quickly after I hear the warning beep.
I'm not sure if this will really prevent thief because people are scum. Between the alarm and the clear warning sticker for the window, I tried at least. This sticker is better than the sticker for the registration I added which just says the company name and no reference to catalytic converters. Now I have the two stickers stacked on both the driver and passage window, so that helps. I'll still keep full coverage on my Priuses for life though.

It works.

So far so good! It seems to be an effective deterrant.

Anthony Garcia

Catalytic Converter Alarm (1 PACK)

Coy Ly
Great Little Gadget

It does what it is intended to do. Instruction was easy to follow, video on website was informative, instillation was straight forward. My only question which was NOT covered is can and how to replace the battery in the remote key fob itself.

Javonie Moody
fast delivery

Nice fast delivery