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Why steal a catalytic converter?

Why steal a catalytic converter?

Catalytic converter theft has become increasingly common in recent years.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported in 2021 that the most valuable converters were selling for more than $1,000.

Jeeps and SUVs with higher ground clearance are particularly prone to theft due to their catalytic converters being more accessible. Thieves typically access the catalytic converter by slipping underneath the car, using a saw to cut through the exhaust, and then stealing it. The precious metals in the catalytic converter, such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium, can be sold for a profit. To protect your car, you can park in well-lit areas, engrave your vehicle’s VIN onto the catalytic converter, paint it a bright color, and install anti-theft devices.

If your catalytic converter is stolen, it can be expensive to replace and you should get the car looked at as soon as possible.

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