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Our Top 8  Converter Theft Prevention Tips

Our Top 8 Converter Theft Prevention Tips

Follow these Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention Tips to avoid becoming the next victim!

Catalytic converter thefts have continued to soar since the beginning of the pandemic, in virtually all states across the USA. Catalytic converters are valuable to thieves and expensive to replace, but by following these useful tips you can avoid becoming the next victim of theft.

For owners with vehicles with lower clearances (passenger cars), parking on hills, grass gravel or uneven surfaces can deter thieves from attempting to jack up your vehicle. If a thief cannot lift your vehicle, they won't be able to take your converter.

Park In A Secure Area

More than anything else, thieves hate exposure. Be aware, and cautious, of where you park your car so criminals can’t steal your catalytic convertor without a risk of being seen. For parking at home, a locked garage or well-lit driveway is your best option.

When you have to park outside, the key to keeping your car safe is being selective about where you park. If you’re parking in the street, try to pick one that is well-lit and has plenty of traffic. Just the prospect of being seen can be enough to deter a would-be thief.

Park overnight in a locked garage, or a well-lit enclosed lot if you can. If you’re parking in a driveway, consider installing motion sensor lights. If you’re parking in the street, try to pick a well-lit one with plenty of traffic. Park in a well-lit area close to public entrances or use a garage

Beef Up Your Home Security

Just because you can’t park in a garage doesn’t mean you have to allow yourself to be targeted by thieves. The technology which allows you to monitor your home and vehicle has improved significantly in recent years and you can easily use this to your advantage to keep your car safe.

Motion-sensitive lights are an inexpensive way to protect your car and make it look like you’re home when you may not be. Catalytic converter thieves prefer to operate under the cover of darkness and with some motion-sensitive lights having a range of up to 70 feet, criminals won’t even have a chance to get close to your vehicle without being lit up.

Having evidence against thieves is important information that can help the police arrest and prosecute thieves. Your video of faces or license plates can help take thieves off the street.

Report All Instances Of Catalytic Converter Theft

It may be tempting to avoid getting the police involved in a theft, particularly if you drive an older car that isn’t worth very much.

However, if a catalytic converter theft occurs and is left unreported, the frequency of theft can easily increase if it is not dealt with.

Reporting the theft of a catalytic converter not only helps police target hotspots for theft but also helps legislators pass local laws to make it for stolen goods to be sold. Most police reports of theft can even be reported online or over the phone.

Cooperating with law enforcement will help build greater urgency to combat catalytic converter theft.

Know If Your Car Is A Likely Target

Most people assume that high-end luxury cars would be popular targets for thieves but in our experience of manufacturing catalytic converter anti-theft devices, the most targeted vehicles are regular cars that people drive every day.

Cars that sit higher off the ground such as the Toyota Tacoma are popular targets for catalytic converter theft as they allow thieves easier access and catalytic converters can be removed quickly. Other popular targets include the Toyota Prius and Honda Element as these contain more platinum, rhodium, and palladium – the precious metals that make catalytic converters so valuable.

While most any vehicle can be a target of theft, there are certain vehicles that are more targeted by thieves because of their high resale value or ease of theft.

Paint Your Catalytic Converter

One of the cheapest ways to deter catalytic converter thieves lies with the humble spray can. A brightly colored, temperature-resistant spray paint can serve as a deterrent to would-be thieves who avoid marked or painted catalytic converters and move on to their next target.

Why spray paint? Typically scrap merchants won’t buy a catalytic converter if it’s painted or marked in any way, meaning all the paint would need to be removed before it can be sold – a time-consuming and frustrating task for criminals out to make a quick buck.

Painting may deter recyclers from accepting stolen converters or can alert law enforcement to a potential crime.

Engrave Your Catalytic Converter

Your auto service center or local police department can help you etch your vehicle's unique vehicle identification number (VIN) into your catalytic converter, often for free. This not only deters thieves, but if your catalytic converter is stolen and recovered by police, they will be able to track down the owner and return it.

In some states, scrapyards are legally unable to purchase used parts if the seller is unable to provide proof of ownership. As a VIN can only be physically checked against the compliance plate on your vehicle or its registration papers, engraving your catalytic convertor turns it from a valuable commodity to a worthless piece of metal as soon as it’s removed from your car.

Engraving your catalytic converter may help you locate that converter if ever it gets stolen however it may easily be sanded off.

Report Suspicious Activity

We know that people are reluctant to report potential suspicious behavior but prompt and detailed reporting of any suspicious activity can lead to an increase in police activity and patrols in your area, deterring future thefts. Local law enforcement takes all reports seriously and will assess the situation and provide additional community support.

Suspicious activity can include:

Strange cars driving slowly through your neighborhood People exhibiting unusual behavior around vehicles Loud, unexplained noises Someone tampering with a motor vehicle

The sound of breaking glass

Preemption can help protect your neighborhood from catalytic converter theft before it happens. Based on nationwide trends, the problem is only growing and it is better to be prepared before the thieves strike.

Effective way to prevent the theft of your catalytic converter is to fit an anti-theft device such as a Fast Guard Alarms.

Want the ultimate in anti-theft protection? Talk to us at Fast Guard Alarms

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