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National Spotlight on Converter Theft

National Spotlight on Converter Theft

There has yet to be a national strategy to deal with this outbreak of theft, but communities and states can prepare themselves by adopting the practices of areas that have been hardest hit.

This is no longer an issue just for states with high emission standards and large volumes of cars that are targeted (such as hybrids and trucks)--almost every state has fallen victim to converter theft.

We have been tracking this issue for quite some time and are trying to reach neighborhoods and states that need the information necessary to protect their communities.

We've done a 5 month study on the surge of thefts and have been shocked at how quickly this problem is growing.

The best advice we have is to take preemptive measures now before you fall victim to theft. On this blog we'll have expert advice on how to protect your vehicles and how we at Fast Guard Alarms are meeting the challenge.

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