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How to protect your fleet vehicles from catalytic converter theft

How to protect your fleet vehicles from catalytic converter theft

Fleets are easy targets for thieves

Catalytic converter theft throughout the US has become a significant risk for vehicle owners, and especially fleets, where thieves have been known to intentionally target larger groups of vehicles. With catalytic converter theft increasing over 5000% in some areas of the US, this crime is not only costly, but it also leaves vehicles unable to be driven safely and causes additional problems for fleet owners through inconvenience, costly repairs, and unplanned vehicle downtime. Thieves know that certain fleets will have plenty of preferred targets and will find ways to steal as many converters as possible. Fleets made up of hybrid vehicles, like the Prius, and trucks, like the Tacoma, are being struck all over the country.

A single stolen catalytic converter can cost your business $2-3,000 to replace and repair. To make matters worse, you may find yourself in a long waiting period due to backorders and delays. So, the true cost of a single theft can run you nearly $10,000 when you factor in downtime and loss of business as associated costs. Even if 10 vehicles were targeted out of your fleet, you could be looking at a potential $100,000 loss due to catalytic converter theft.

Most fleets are unattended and with little protection

Fleet vehicles are especially vulnerable as they are typically parked close together in a lot overnight. Most lots have little to no security aside from a camera or two and a locked fence, which thieves have proven not enough to deter catalytic converter theft attempts. The best way to protect your fleet is to install a catalytic converter anti-theft shield known as A Fast Guard Alarms

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