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Catalytic converter protection

Catalytic converter protection

A catalytic converter is an important part of a vehicle’s infrastructure, and it is an easy and valuable target for thieves. There are several steps car owners can take to protect their vehicles from catalytic converter theft.

Firstly, they can call their local law enforcement or a muffler store to ask which vehicle models have been targeted in their area.

Secondly, they can etch their vehicle identification number (VIN) onto their catalytic converter or paint it a different color so that it can be identified if stolen.

Thirdly, they can park their car in a well-lit area, on their driveway, or inside their garage at all times. Finally, they can coordinate approaches with neighbors, such as starting a neighborhood watch group or sharing information on who has doorbell cameras and security cameras.

By taking these steps, car owners can better protect their vehicles from catalytic converter theft.

Finally, drivers should adjust the security system on their car.
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