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Travel Alarm You Need To Have!

Protect yourself and your valuables.

One of the most popular search terms when people are planning their next destination is crime statistics for the area they plan to travel to. Even if you think you've picked a safe area to travel, there's no guarantee someone with ill intents isn't just around the corner. On top of your own preparations of safety we'd really like for you to take a look at our really effective portable alarm. It's easy to use and offers multiple uses for travelers.

Whether you are backpacking across Europe while staying in hostels or doing the Van Life thing across the US, our alarm can provide you with a lot of piece of mind.


How it works:

Our alarm is what's called a vibration alarm. It sounds off the moment it senses any sort of movement. This is great for many reasons and the sensitivity of the alarm can be adjusted within seven different sensitivity levels. From the factory its set with the highest level of sensitivity and its the most common. Our alarm comes with a remote which is how your control multiple functions of the alarm. The main functions are  simply turning it on and off.

Ways our alarm can be used when traveling:

  1. Backpack and Luggage Alarm. When staying at a hostel or other housing where you may not have your own personal room. Turn the alarm on while you are sleeping or if you are briefly separated from it. If someone tries to tamper with it or steel it the alarm will go off.
  2. Door Alarm. There are  recent news articles of crimes happening where thugs will keep a lookout on know AirBnBs and when they can see the visitors are women only they plot to attack in the night. 
  3. Van Life Security. If you are traveling on the road via a van or camper our alarm is perfect for attaching to any door entrance. Whether you want peace of mind while sleeping or piece of mind knowing your valuables are save inside your van while you are on a hike.
  4. Personal Safety. Our alarm has a scare away siren feature. With the push of one button your alarm will sound off in situations where someone is following or attacking you or if you.
  5. Bike Alarm. For travelers with bikes or scooters our alarm is perfect to use in addition to a bike lock. Statistically most bikes that are stolen have some sort of a bike lock. The problem is bike thieves cut through the lock. By having our alarm attached to your bike the alarm will sound off the second the bike thief attempts to cut into your bile lock.

We are certain that as a traveler you will value this alarm. More verbiage here...


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