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Remote Only

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Need a replacement remote or an extra one for convenience? Easily program a new remote with your current alarm.


Step 1
Open up the alarm using the screwdriver and pry tool. Remove one of three batteries. Wait a few seconds, then put it back in. Close up alarm case and put screw back in.

Step 2
Press and hold the BELL button for several seconds until you hear a slight beep on the target alarm. 

Step 3
Press the ARM (closed lock circular button) or DISARM (open lock button) once. You should hear a ringtone. The ringtone means your new remote control is active with your alarm. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jose V Rodriguez
It’s great

Feel more at ease now

Paul Reith
Watch Video

The written are misleading better to watch the vidoe instruction, follow them they work!

Hi Paul, thank you for your feedback. We just updated our written instructions and made them more clear (how to change the sensativity levels and how to synch a new remote). Thank you again for your feedback!

Ximena Urrutia-Rojas

It reaches the alarm from a very convenient distance. Easy to operate and also to carry with the car’s keys.
Very low price.

Thank you Ximena, we appreciate the feedback. Lando